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Perspective is worth 80 IQ points.



I’m Hubert Behaghel, a husband, father of six and VP of Engineering at Typeform. Before that I worked at Amazon, Sky, M&S and few others.

I use this blog to clarify my thinking. I am interested in tech leadership, operational excellence, forging a team spirit that combines product and engineering, and well, people.

I work not just to advance a team, a product or a business through Software Engineering. I work to advance Software Engineering through that business.

I am a keen public speaker. I support the free software movement. I have stopped fine-tuning my GNU/Linux kernel a while ago but I still enjoy evolving my NixOS setup. Emacs Lisp is bound to be the last programming language standing on my CV. I hold Alan Kay in great regard.

I am French and British, currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

Some Of My Beliefs #

Decompose & Compose is the essence of Software Engineering.

Product and Engineering are the two hemispheres of the same brain.

Disagree & Commit is key to moving fast while maintaining team cohesion.

Context switching & complexity are the two invisible enemies of Software Engineers.

Data & Industrialisation are the two most powerful forces of our time.

The relationship of a tech team with its tooling is a measure of its maturity.

The computer revolution hasn’t happened yet.

Social life #